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CHS Class of 1971
40-year reunion: A good time was had by all
Thanks to the committee: Connie, Gwyn, Katie, Lori, Loren, Nick, Kevin, Becky and cake by Jan.

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Seated or kneeling: (left to right)
Patty Quigley, Sue Pope Betz, Monica Maher Demertsidis,  Barb Marks Dildine, Martha Moir Craycraft, Deb Mitchell, Chris Adams Hicks, Tom Canright, Nancy Cutter, Kerry Dietz  Smiertelny. Jackie Whitton Feitshans, Lori Pratt Rosetti, Lynne Carr Garner, Debbie Coan Hoestermann, Loren Taylor, and Dennis Ryan.

Gywn Johnston Cline, Marcy Dickinson Cwiakala, Kevin Novinger, Darcey Brady Wade, Kirk Hunter, Jim Fuller, Becky Land Mason, Bruce Cwiakala, Charlie Cline, Mary Kay Flaherty Hamilton, Dan Niepokoj, Jackie Blevins Westra, Doug Betz, Debbie Riggleman Brodt, Shellie Wynder Rowe,  Nick Radtke, Pam Katayama Stephenson, Jean Reich Britt, Phil Autry, Karen Kurczewski Cuyler, Connie Johnson, Bill Ford, John Jaeger, Darrel Tidaback, Pauline Hess McCoy, Steve Carmichael, Jay McGee, Leroy Proper, Denise Collins Morrison, Dan Edquist, Jim McClure, Bill Read, Jan Thorstad Edquist, Randy Nelson, Mark Thomas, Rhonda Rosetti  Mullin, Eddie Woodland, and Rick Isbey.

The results of the cruise survey were: 8 wanted a Spring/Caribbean cruise, 8 wanted a Summer/Alaskan cruise, 3 wanted a fall cruise, and 8 said anywhere/anytime. The travel agent will be getting us some prices on both a Carole Kingbean and Alaskan cruise. We'll keep you posted.
The cruise may take place in 2013.

Here are some photos (more added on 9/26/11), please send more through Facebook or send them to tcanright@latinschool.org

New on Sept. 25: The senior photos have now been "tagged." The photos from the 1971 Singing Sands Yearbook for our senior year have been scanned and may be viewed by clicking on this link.

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There is talk of a class cruise in 2013, the year many of us will turn 60-years-old. Details will be posted here when they are known.

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<>Here are the 35th reunion photos
New photos from Pam added on 3/6/07!

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posted 3/6/07

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"Not quite professional quality"
Photo taken at 35-year reunion in October, 2006 at Porter Community Building in Hawthorne Park.
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Photo taken at 30-year reunion in October, 2001 at Porter Community Building in Hawthorne Park.
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Here are the 30th reunion photos!
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Photo taken at 5-year reunion in 1976 at Westport Community Club

5-yr cutline as it appeared in 9/15/76 issue of Chesterton Tribune.
 The CHS Class of 1971 recently got together at the Westport community club.  Among the many in attendance were: (front row, left to right) Jay McGee, Monica Maher, Robin Keenan, Steve Rex, Ron Jenkins, Gail Fallen, Gwyn Cline, Sue Sickle;  (Row two) Karen Horn, Carol Gray, Nancy Carmody, Ann Gavagan, Marilyn Owens, Marci Dickinson, Pat Quigley, Mary Kay Flaherty, Bill Ford, Dan Niepokoj; (third row) Rick Gray, Nick Radtke, Jim Wolfe, Pat Palumbo, Darel Dillingham, Terry Nallenweg, Debie Mitchell, Lori Rosetti, Nancy Cutter, Jacki Westra, Dennis Ryan, Dennis Fallen; (back row) Trinka Nelson, Lenny Andersen, band member, Tom Canright, Jim Fuller, two more band members, Gary Gilmore, still two more band members, Becky Land, Len Bleckenstaff, Cheryl Schneckenburger, Charlie Cline, Rick Isbey, Dennis DeKoker, Terry Brueckheimer, Rift Slater, Charlie Winter.

Photo taken at 20-year reunion in 1991 at Michigan City Holiday Inn
20-yr cutline from Chesterton Tribune of 1/15/92
 Class of 1971: The Chesterton Hogh School Class of 1971 is pitcured at its 20 year reunion.  Row one, left to right, are Charlyce Friday, Cindy Tull Knelson, Jan Valapatic, Patty Collins Caldwell, Diane Samilla Colley, Debbie Woods Oden, Debbie Reigleman, Chris Adams Hicks, Kerry Dietz Smiertelny, Marcee Dickinson Cwiakala, Pam Cox Pawlik, Karen Olszewski Bates, Sue Galvin Jeffrey, Denise Collins-Hendricks, Keri Edquist Stedman, Nancy Cutter and Lenny Yarber.  Row Two, Gerry Lee, Debbie Clemons, Lila Groff Czizek, Kathy Moneypenny Nittner, Bill Ford, Becky Land, Pat Palumbo, Elaine Wellman Dutkiewicz, Carol Zachary Campbell, Mary Kay Flaherty Ford, Jan Thorstad Edquist, Pam Katayama-Stephenson, Jackie Blevins Westra, Jackie Marquardt Ward and Connie Pierce Beggs. Third row, Bruce Cwiakala, Jeff Crothers, Jay Haycock, Doug Betz, Dennis Ryan, Bob Phelps, Kevin McGinty, Martha Moir Craycraft, Gail McCorkel Berkemeier, Patty Quigley, Belmaree Finnstrom Skoc, Sure Powell Ramsay, Lori Pratt Rosetti, Sue Pope Betz, and Rea Maple Taubert.  Row four, Dan Edquist, Kirk Hunter, Bob Busch, Steve Carmichael, Jay McGee, Pete Swenson, Don Nicholson, Brad Veley,Tom Canright, Rick Lawson, Gwen Johnston Cline, Charlie Cline, and Dick Campbell.  Row five, Dennis Dekoker, Nick Radtke, Anne Gavagan, Robert Watson, Connie Johnson, Gary Gilmore and Jim McClure.  Row six, Don Stringer, Rick Charlson, Larry Guldberg, Rick Gray, Phil Autrey, Kevin Novinger, Ben Rhoda, Keith Rector, Al Christensen, Bruce Newcome, Steve Rex, Dan Niepokoj, Darel Dillingham, Sue Righter Mohrs, Loren Taylor, and Ed Woodland.

Photo taken at 25-year reunion at Michcigan City Holiday Inn
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Group photos were not taken at the 10 and 15 year reunions (so thinks Tom Canright)
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